Midnight Madness & WFO Racing Team at San Antonio Raceway

A few of the boys from WFO Racing Team came up from Corpus Christi for the night to have some fun at the track. One member of WFO who goes by the name of 07StangGuy on the CCStreetScene Forums, just had his car tuned a few days ago saying,

The AFR would jump around between 12.6 and 13.0. As far as leaning out, it took me a while but finally got it to 13.0. Hopefully I can get HP Tuners and learn how to fine tune it.

Also did a couple of bottle passes after pulling some timing and I must say… Wow…. Those cams felt like it opened it up alot. Some poor caddy found out the hard way, lol. He tried to race me but I shot out ahead of him like a rocket haha.

He had a good time with some good runs at the track, and it’s only going to get better.

Another WFO member who goes by the name of SEWERGAS on CCStreetScene Forums had some great runs. He came up from Corpus to run only to test his suspension, trying to lower his 60ft time. He’s definitely creating a name for himself here in San Antonio at the Raceway. Each pass, the crowd cheered him on as he made his way up to the tree.

We had a little trouble with WFO member BLOWNGOAT’s GTO (also on CCStreetScene Forums) on the way to the track and he’s not too happy with the cars performance, stating that he was having transmission and traction problems. We hope to see some more out of this GTO soon.

You can view the videos of last nights runs from the WFO guys on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/saraceway.

You can also find a few pictures of our guys at: http://www.wforacingteam.org. We just opened up the gallery, so keep checking back for more pictures to be added!



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3 responses to “Midnight Madness & WFO Racing Team at San Antonio Raceway


    Will be back for the next MM got a new tune and will be installing the cam/head setup along with the meth injection hoping for some low 11’s or maybe 10’s

  2. wforacing

    Looking forward to seeing you out at Midnight Madness again and getting some pictures and videos with the new install(s)!


  3. Don

    What does the W F O stand for in the organization title stand for? thanks

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