WFO at Motorcycle Shootout – San Antonio Raceway

On September 5, 2008 some of our WFO guys drove up here to San Antonio from their homes in Corpus Christi, TX to make a few passes at our local racetrack. Friday night at the San Antonio Raceway they had a motorcycle shootout along with test & tune.

WFO member who goes by the name “T/A Tom” on the forums has recently put headers on his
TransAm and decided to come out to the track and have some fun. Before the headers,
his best time he says was a 12.5 and that was his time to beat last night. And he did:

My best was my last pass where I had 850 bottle pressure and a 75 shot:

1.717 60ft
7.684 1/8 ET
89.62 1/8 MPH
12.070 1/4 ET
112.16 1/4 MPH

Can’t wait for a little better weather and a bigger shot!!

Next was WFO member who goes by the name 95 BLK Cobra on the forums.
He says:

I love running the car…and it was fun to get smoked off the track by another WFO member…TA Tom plays it cool then hands you your ass ….lol

The quickest the car ran last night was 12.61 with a 1.64 60 ft (the best 60 ft ever for the car) –

60 ft 1.64
1/8 ET 7.99
1/8 mph 85.71
1/4 ET 12.61
1/4 mph 107

The burn out box and tree guys are very cool….the tree guy has been qute helpful (sorry dont know his name) but he helped me line up in the groove…and even coached me on a launch or 2…SAR track people are excellent -all of them…makes the long drive worth it.

And finally, suprakid24 also from the forums.
He made several passes in his Supra with his last run being a 12.0. Before he made the trip to San Antonio, another forum member posted that he had better see some videos of low 11’s, hah. Well, suprakid24 went back to Corpus Christi saying the following:

I wish I would have broke the 11s again, I was spinnin to much… But a 12.0 is still good spinnin all first.

.8384 —– REACTION
1.8536 —– 60 FT
5.2602 —– 330 FT
7.9143 —– 1/8 ET
91.87 —— 1/8 MPH
10.1745 —– 1000 ET
12.0397 —– 1/4 ET
121.36 —– 1/4 MPH
2.1664 — FINISH MARGIN —

The entire night was a great being able to hang out with the guys from Corpus and watching them have fun. Looking forward to seeing them come up to San Antonio again.

To view the videos taken from last night, click here.
To see some pictures taken from last night, click here, then select the “Events” album.


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